e-NABLE Community Chapters

Chapters can be useful for local teams to formalize partnerships and secure funding. But you do NOT need to be associated with a chapter to volunteer with e-NABLE. Many of our most successful volunteers operate independently, collaborating with other volunteers as needed.

e-NABLE volunteers work individually, in teams, and in chapters.

  • If you're new to e-NABLE, use map.e-nable.org to see if there's a chapter near you.
    • If there is, get in touch with them; collaboration is often magic.
    • If there isn't, just introduce yourself at hub.e-NABLE.org and
      • Get started learning and doing with the collaborators you'll find there
      • If you want local collaborators, look for 3D printing and maker communities near you.
        • When your team clicks, and especially if your team finds themselves working on multiple cases, you might want to form a chapter.
  • It's up to you! Just remember the e-NABLE community at hub.e-NABLE.org is here to help. Ask questions! Have fun!

e-NABLE Chapters Map

Note: If you have trouble viewing this map (i.e. on mobile devices), you can open it in a separate tab here.

If you would like to create your own e-NABLE Chapter and get added to our chapters map so that families can find you - please follow directions and steps below:

Steps to becoming an e-NABLE Chapter:

First and foremost:

Step 1: Visit the "e-NABLE Wiki" page for information on how to get approved as a volunteer maker, read the code of conduct, and how to get involved with the community.

Step 2: Assemble your group and choose a leader. (This person must be at least 18 years old)

Step 3: Create your test hand and submit it for approval.

Step 4: Earn your Fabrication and Assembly badges for the design you made.

Step 5: Set up your Chapter Facebook page. (We use Facebook for this, as we discovered that many of our chapter groups in countries outside of the USA have access to Facebook but not always web browser services.) You can find a blank logo to create your chapter logo with your own colors and style HERE!

Step 6: Fill out the intake form to provide us with details about your chapter.

Step 7: Visit this page and review the requirements for the e-NABLE Community Chapter badge.

Step 8: Visit this page and fill out the form, requesting the e-NABLE Community Chapter badge.

Step 9: Start making devices for people! Join the discussion in the e-NABLE forum and collaborate with other volunteers!

** Please note, this process is managed entirely by volunteers, so it may take some time before your chapter appears on the map. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please send us an email.