Here’s how our Badging system works. The **topmost menu** **(e-NABLE** Badges) within the Badges Space links to * **All e-badges** (all e-NABLE badges) * **New badges** (the most recently created badges) * **Information** (this page). The **secondary menu (“My** Badges”**)** within the Badges Space is all about ***your badges***: * **Claimed badges** (your badges) * **Badge Collection** (your badges in the context of all badges) * **Badge Request** (a form you can use to request any available badge)\ But it’s probably easier to request a badge by clicking on badge you’re interested in. **Claimed badges show up in other useful places too.** * they are displayed on each user’s profile * they pop up when you hover your mouse over a user’s avator anywhere in the **Each Badge has a Details page.** * Click on any Badge icon for more information about that badge, including … * Earning Criteria for that badge * a link for claiming the badge * a listing of people who have been awarded the badge * and a link to to the Badgr page for that Badge **What is Badgr?** * We issue badges using, an authentication and authorization service for many different groups, including e-NABLE. * By registering with Badgr, you help us ensure that we issue the right badges to the right people, and that the Badges information we display is timely and correct. * You typically only need to Register and Synch with Badgr once. After that, the hub will be able to issue and display your badges automagically. (If you change your Badgr password, for some reason, you’ll be asked to Synch again.)