Phoenix v3 Hand

A Maker badge

Created on 2020-01-28

This badge is for anyone that has assembled the e-NABLE Phoenix v3 e-NABLE hand design.

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Earning criteria:

  1. 3D print and assemble a e-NABLE device. The device can be purely mechanical, or contain electromechanical components and sensors.
  2. Photos of details and assembled device, including the following:
    • Closeup photos of printed parts and critical components
    • Three views of the assembled device (side, top, front) showing that the device pieces fit together correctly.
  3. Link to a brief video, including the following:
    • Manipulate the device and show its functionality. Bend movable parts and show adjustable features.
    • Show details of print quality and mention the type of printer you used.

Claimed by:

Max Scherer
Jimmy Kurcz
Melanie Beers
Tech for Need
Sharyn Inouye
Jacob Simonsen
Caden Griffin
Augustine Villalobos
Alexander Cua
Alexis Cua
Nicholas Capece
Lauren Malec
David Kreitz
Zion Mukasa
Ava Johnson
Nadia Greco
Lizzie Mathewson
Zachary Cohen
Jake Ziesmer
Heath McGregor
Ashton Samuel
Gary Richard
Brown API
Kim Warwick-Oliver
Emmy Panagakis
Jason France
Jack Rainville
David Clark
Marco Dominguez
Benjamin Lugo Velez
Langham Creek HS Hands for Hope
Justin Gatchek
Arjun Shah
Will Smith
Sandra Dermisek
David Poyaoan
Emma Bristol
francisco castillo
George McBroom
Eric Brodsky
David Feigenbaum
Ritesh Billawa
Julie Tuten
Waterloo Biotron Design Team
Collin O'Dell
Maxie Nixon
Nader Allam
Lizzy Hess
Victor Cyr
Abhijay Tatineni
Eric Ranger
Blake Butler
Bruce Poole
Allison Wicks
Braden Santaguida
Kate Putman
Hannah Boyle
Marshall Baughman
Michelle Wang
Mark Mayer
Jack Fox
Union University
Nathan Cole
William Conner
Anu Mishra
Vinicius Indig
Jayshri P
Yu Fan
Lee Paxton
Avanish Mishra
Scott Inglis
Sadzida Kosovac
Laura Hayden
Trevor Sullivan
Alexis Jarvis
Albert McDonald
Austin Boettcher
DISL Taiwan
Vivek Badami
Ananya Mukundan
Kelly Marchek
Marko Bosman
John Schumacher
David Tamen
.. and 23 other(s)