e-NABLE Video Shared on Social Media

A Community badge

Created on 2018-02-15

This badge is awarded to those that have either 1. Created a video showing e-NABLE devices being created or used and shared online to support the community. 2. Shared video about e-NABLE on social media pages and linked back to the e-NABLE Social media channels!

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Earning criteria:

Link to your video or post sharing e-NABLE-related works!

Claimed by:

Kaspar Raudkivi
Caden Griffin
Rishab Perati
Will Smith
Juan Galvan
Danson Tran
Haider Al-Saedy
Leonardo Mulet Oliva
Ethan Kaiyaraj
Jackson Billingsley
Jesus Ruiz
Patrick Raluy
Christian Jeon
Clay Herman
Isaac Wardley
Timothy Osborne
Mike Korson
Mauricio Ramírez
Sarah Gelbard
Max Scherer
Helping Hands Los Altos High School
Jake Ziesmer
Ghislain Gauthier
Benjamin Lugo Velez
Jonathan Tamen
Andrew Schultz
Nader Allam
Kiran Wakchaure
Samuil Gospodinov
Zeynep Tugba Cakmak
Lee Paxton
Matthew Kaiser
Caroline Kelly
Connie Marchek
Ananya Mukundan
Sadzida Kosovac
Ben Rubin
Mazvydas Sverdiolas
Steven Davidson
Jeremy Simon
.. and 11 other(s)