e-NABLE Community Sponsor

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Created on 2018-02-15

This badge is awarded to those who have helped to grow the e-NABLE Community and their mission to provide free 3D printable assistive devices and tools for those who were born with limb difference or who have lost them due to war, disease, accident or natural disaster.

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Earning criteria:

Link or image to show documentation of your donation/sponsorship. This may include an e-NABLE Sponsor who has contributed in the following ways: * Has donated funds to e-NABLE Volunteer fundraising campaigns, e-NABLE Chapter non profit groups or who has supported the enablingthefuture.org website through Patreon. * Has donated funds for hand kits to the e-NABLE Community for use in hand-a-thon events for school groups, scout troops, conferences, makerfaires or other events where others assemble the devices and donate them to those in need. * Has donated materials, 3D printers, supplies, use of creative spaces, services etc to aid e-NABLE Volunteers in producing and supplying 3D printed hands, arms and tools to those in need. * Has provided airfare, accomodations, transportation and/or travel costs to e-NABLE Volunteers to aide them in reaching an audience to share the e-NABLE Story with. * Provided meals at e-NABLE events or donated food for fundraising events. * Donated artistic talent to be used by e-NABLE Community members, whether that is art for event materials, music for videos, videography, photography, web design skills, tshirt design etc.

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