Introduced Self in the e-NABLE Hub

A Community badge

Created on 2018-02-15

This badge is awarded to all of those who have joined the e-NABLE Hub and took the time to introduce themselves!

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Earning criteria:

Link to your self-Introduction at To provide the correct link, click the little arrow in the upper-right corner of your introduction post and select "Permalink" to get the direct link for your post. That is the link you should provide as evidence.

Claimed by:

Michelle Wang
Weston Art & Innovation Center
Samuil Gospodinov
William Cummings
Daniel LaManna
Helene Davitz
Avanish Mishra
David Tamen
Jonathan Tamen
Sundaresan Maiyalagan
Erick Estrella
Lee Paxton
Nathan Odonkor
Enable Tech
Vinicius Indig
Kiran Wakchaure
Zachary Thomas
Bruno Soares
Claudia Quaresma
Caroline Kelly
Chris Venter
Hayley Norton
Donovan Petrus
Dylan Mathew
Scott Inglis
Jay Lothe
Younes Zitouni
DISL Taiwan
Laura Hayden
Trevor Sullivan
EnableUC University of Cincinnati
Patrick Geary
Nic Hite
Mara Looney-Sanders
Ben Rubin
Andrew Chandler
Holly Leskovics
Ali Bradford
Connie Marchek
Lovro Šverko
Avery Sizemore
Ananya Mukundan
Alessandro Villa
Alberto Navatta
Ciaran Irvine
Drew Mikkelson
Tim Alberth
Dennis Ward
Bob Rieger
Mazvydas Sverdiolas
Ryan Hess
Everton Lins
Matthew Kaiser
C Thai
Ken Bice
.. and 181 other(s)