3D Printed e-NABLE Test Hand Approved

A Legacy badge

Created on 2018-02-15

This badge is awarded to e-NABLE Volunteers who have joined the Google+ Community and who have completed 3D printing and assembling their e-NABLE Test hand device and have had it approved and critiqued by another e-NABLE Volunteer for quality assurance and to correct any issues that may be present, before creating a device for an end user and recipient.

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Earning criteria:

This badge has been retired. See [this for a replacement](https://hub.e-nable.org/p/badges?badge=Dxv1uS0BSP-GnquxnNOtpQ).

Claimed by:

Ricardo Resendes
Carlos Asensio Soriano
Bruce Ngo
Drew Mikkelson
Jay Tucker
Steven Allmon
Mazvydas Sverdiolas
Agi Gonda
George Fuller
Ryan Hess
Tanya Lerch
John Landreneau
Matthew Kaiser
Eric Bubar
Jeremy Simon
Ken Bice
Dennis Ward
Jon Schull
.. and 203 other(s)