2014 e-NABLE ? Hopkins Conference Participant

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Created on 2018-02-15

This badge is awarded to those that participated in the ?first ever e-NABLE Conference at Johns Hopkins University in 2014.
If you did any of the following, please accept this badge on behalf of the e-NABLE Community!
? Sponsored the event
? Donated hand kits for recipients and medical professionals to assemble
? Donated materials/supplies or tools for assembly sessions, food, or other items and services etc
? Organized the event
? Volunteered?
? Spoke or presented
? Attended as a recipient family, medical student or individual eager to learn about 3d printing prosthetics and?assembling your own devices.
? Provided childcare for attendee families
? Helped with clean up or tear down
? Donated the space
? Provided media and press coverage
? Any other participation!

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Earning criteria:

Link or photo/video proof of your attendance, donation or participation.

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Jeremy Simon
Jon Schull
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