e-NABLE Chapter Lead

A Chapter badge

Created on 2018-02-15

This badge is awarded to those who are leading e-NABLE Chapters in their local communities and mentoring other volunteers who join their chapters!

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Earning criteria:

  1. Link to your e-NABLE Facebook/website
  2. Show proof that you have listed your chapter on the e-NABLE Chapters map: map.e-NABLE.org
  3. Link to show hands created or activities being done as a chapter.

Claimed by:

Sandra Dermisek
Priyanka Shah
Shuvam Sinha
Andrew Schultz
Alberto Navatta
Sadzida Kosovac
Ananya Mukundan
Agi Gonda
Mazvydas Sverdiolas
Everton Lins
.. and 21 other(s)