Phoenix V2

A Maker badge

Created on 2018-02-15

This badge is for anyone that has assembled the Phoenix V2 e-NABLE hand design.

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Earning criteria:

  1. 3D print and assemble an e-NABLE device. The device can be purely mechanical or contain electromechanical components and sensors.
  2. Photos of details and assembled device, including the following:
    • Closeup photos of printed parts and critical components, including cords and tension.
    • Three views of the assembled device (side, top, front) showing that the device pieces fit together correctly.
  3. Link to a brief video, including the following:
    • Manipulate the device and show its functionality. Bend movable parts and show adjustable features.
    • Show details of print quality and mention the type of printer you used.

Claimed by:

Rishab Perati
Madison Lee
David Clark
Sandra Dermisek
Ryan Fitzgerald
Emerie Krueger
Paige Jackson
Emilia Bickel
Bethany Smith
Brandon Wong
John Gundy
Luke Camphausen
Daniel LaManna
Naomi Hsieh
Digital Makerspace
Christine Braun
Alex Silber
Lindsey Brown
Amber Adams
Naser Al Madi
Ben Tucker
Sadzida Kosovac
Isaac Tucker
Scott Inglis
Evan Gerns
EnableUC University of Cincinnati
Ian Morris
Hayley Norton
Christopher Chen
Trevor L
Connie Marchek
William Cummings
Joshua Trubinsky
Ananya Mukundan
Bryan Chang
Tim Alberth
Pier Yapur
Adam Gurbin
Steven Davidson
Drew Mikkelson
Andrew Schultz
Chris Carless
Sanya Oak
Jay Tucker
Steven Allmon
Agi Gonda
Mazvydas Sverdiolas
Bob Rieger
Ryan Hess
Tanya Lerch
Eric Bubar
Jeremy Simon
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