e-NABLE Device Sizing Volunteer

A Maker badge

Created on 2021-07-24

This badge is awarded to anyone who has demonstrated a proper understanding of the virtual fitting/sizing process for e-NABLE devices.

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Earning criteria:

Information about the various sizing methodologies available can be found [here](https://hub.e-nable.org/content/perma?id=391). Review our [sample sizing photos](https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1gWn4Yvqx17UBwRu50y1XCWpC2Fq3JdfW?usp=sharing) and the case notes contained in each subfolder. If you are interested in making arm designs, you should focus on the "Arm" subfolder. If you're interested in making hand designs, you should focus on the "Hand 1" and "Hand 2" subfolders. Review the sizing photos and case notes found in the appropriate subfolder(s). Using the information and photos provided, determine [which e-NABLE design](https://hub.e-nable.org/p/devices) would be the best option. Then, using the [sizing methodology](https://hub.e-nable.org/p/devices?p=e-NABLE+Device+Sizing) of your choice, determine the scaling percentage that would be needed for the samples provided. **Evidence Required to Claim This Badge:** 1. Recommended e-NABLE design for each applicable sample case (the "Arm" case if you intend to focus on making arm devices, or the "Hand 1" and "Hand 2" cases if you intend to focus on making hand devices. 2. Recommended scaling percentages for each applicable sample case (note that scaling may or may not be linear. In some cases, the X, Y, and Z scaling factors may need to be different to achieve a proper fit. 3. One or more screenshots showing your fitting results for each case so we can understand how you came up with your recommendations.

Claimed by:

Alexa Larch
Molly Malone
Reagan Pullium
Lily Heit
Ella Cooper
Sydney Clayborn
Alexandra Faerber
Jordan Wilson
Ava Zimmerman
Cecilia Rea
Carson Bennett
Bella Hilton
Abbie Dugan
Ava Muehlemann
Jason France
Benjamin Lugo Velez
John Gundy
Emilia Bickel
Andrew Schultz
Emerie Krueger
Bob Rieger
Jeremy Simon