Adapt3D Splints for Ukraine Participant

A Maker badge

Created on 2022-12-01

This badge is awarded to those who participated in the effort to 3D print thermoformable splints for the people of Ukraine. This project has been organized by Adapt3D, and details can be found at

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Earning criteria:

To claim this badge, please provide evidence that you have 3D printed and shipped splints to support the Adapt3D Splints for Ukraine initiative.

Claimed by:

Thana Teeraphantuvat
Cole Grosner
David Schmetterer
Tom Young
Ray Fogg
Gary Richard
Marko Bosman
John Gundy
Shuvam Sinha
Zachary Jones
Ben N.
Sandra Dermisek
Igor Poprytkin
Mike Korson
Declan Jennings