Shared a Photo of e-NABLE Work on Social Media

A Community badge

Created on 2018-02-15

This badge is awarded to those that have

  1. Shared images of their process on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, including completed e-NABLE device (clearly shown), recipient images (with permission), or e-NABLE event activities.
  2. Reshared e-NABLE related images on thier own social media pages to spread the word about the e-NABLE Community.

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Earning criteria:

Link to a post on social media showing you have shared an image related to e-NABLE Community volunteer activities!

Claimed by:

Alexis Cua
Alexander Cua
Jesse Robinson
Madison Lee
Benjamin Lugo Velez
Sandra Dermisek
Jonathan Tamen
Andrew Schultz
Helene Davitz
Zeynep Tugba Cakmak
Bob Rieger
Scott Inglis
Matthew Kaiser
Caroline Kelly
Connie Marchek
Patrick Geary
Darragh Broadbent
Sadzida Kosovac
Ben Rubin
Younes Zitouni
Mazvydas Sverdiolas
Ananya Mukundan
Steven Davidson
Barry Maxwell
John Landreneau
Jeremy Simon
.. and 18 other(s)