Certified TPU Print Capability

A Maker badge

Created on 2020-06-05

The BE Mask (https://bemask.org/) is designed to be printed in TPU, a flexible 3D printing material. This material is more challenging to print than other materials. If your 3D printer and print settings are not optimally configured, the resulting TPU prints will have stringing and other defects. This badge is to certify that you have properly calibrated your 3D printer and print settings to achieve good results when printing with TPU.

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Earning criteria:

Print a BE Mask (https://bemask.org/3d-printing/) demonstrating overall printing capability, and submit photos including closeups of the rim and side walls. Particular emphasis will be placed on clean prints without stringing, voids, or any of the known difficulties when printing TPU. Refer to post-processing instructions here. Photos should show evidence of that post-processing having been completed. Indicate which TPU material, and printer you are using.

Claimed by:

Anderson Volcov
Will Smith
Ben N.
Benjamin Lugo Velez
John Landreneau
EnableUC University of Cincinnati
Zachary Thomas
Bob Rieger
Jeremy Simon