Flexy Hand 2

A Maker badge

Created on 2018-02-15

This badge is for anyone that has assembled the Flexy Hand 2 e-NABLE hand design.

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Earning criteria:

1. 3D print and assemble a e-NABLE device. The device can be purely mechanical, or contain electromechanical components and sensors. 2. Photos of details and assembled device, including the following: - Closeup photos of printed parts and critical components, including cords and tension. - Three views of the assembled device (side, top, front). showing that the device pieces fit together correctly. 3. Link to a brief video, including the following: - Manipulate the device and show its functionality. Bend movable parts and show adjustable features. - Show details of print quality and mention the type of printer you used.

Claimed by:

Vanity Laracuente
Cole Grosner
Srisindhu Medukonduru
Sandra Dermisek
Ricardo Resendes
Pier Yapur
Jay Tucker
Agi Gonda
Bob Rieger
George Fuller
Eric Bubar
Jeremy Simon
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