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September 23, 2022 (5:00 PM - 6:00 PM)

## **Guest Presenters: *[Kyle Reeser](https://hub.e-nable.org/u/kreeser1/) \| USA*** ![](file-guid:be8c80ee-7306-4b63-971a-32be81e7de4c "screenshot-hub.e-nable.org-2022.08.12-10_52_03.png" =x200) Dr. Reeser returns with stories from his [recent trip to Tanzania](https://www.loomio.org/d/9ZUDeHmR/tabasamu-p-o-clinic-in-tanzania-discussion), an e-NABLE and Creality funded mission to help set up a sustainable prosthetics and orthotics center. [More on his trip here](https://hub.e-nable.org/content/perma?id=57811) \| ### [Zoom Link](https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85769466350?pwd=bmQ5TkozOTYrTmlvek1uWk42WUxjQT09) > *\*Make sure your timezone is set correctly in your e-NABLE Hub [account settings](https://clt754697.bmetrack.com/c/l?u=E051A65&e=1497B85&c=B8409&t=0&email=M70A%2Be5Ij9IwDA5ZeVGWMeFKxY3p%2F%2B8z&seq=1).* The week following our [New Member Meet-up Meeting](https://hub.e-nable.org/content/perma?id=37967), we will host a **follow-up workshop** to focus on requested topics. All new members and old friends can join. This is your chance to learn about different aspects of the e-NABLE ecosystem, process, and tools. These meetings will occur on the 4th Friday each month!\ [Check the Archive](https://hub.e-nable.org/content/perma?id=39248) to view previous workshops. ## **Join us!** **Join Zoom Meeting** Meeting ID: 857 6946 6350 Passcode: 783068
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